We provide the proper leadership and expertise to shape the discussion and turn ideas into audacious action on a worldwide scale. We accept teams from anywhere in the world to compete for our World Prizes competitions. Everyone has the same chances to success, regardless of living in mumbai, or Silicon Valley, California. World Prizes provides the same support, networking, engagement, access to capital, connections, and motivation to every single team of participants. It is our goal to hear and evaluate everyone, equally and fairly.

One of our tasks is to identify the grand challenges of our time (both for specific countries or problems at a global scale). We look for opportunities where solutions are believed to be out of reach. Another of our tasks is also to design, and operate, incentivised prize competitions to solve these problems. For optimising the success of this crucial process we are lucky enough to have with us the brightest and most persistent minds of the planet.

We are essentially a digital platform bringing together passionate partners to accelerate a positive future based upon our vision.

We gather sponsors, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, industry, government, academia and innovators who help us identify the most important and urgent problems, helping us prioritise our prizes and the future of humanity.

Another of our focus is with the innovators and their future radical breakthroughs that will benefit humanity. We provide support, as far as it is possible, to all teams competing on our competitions. You are building the future, creating a better future for everyone in the blue planet.

We aim to make the right questions, provide the best possible support platform, provide global visibility to the teams and prizes, bring credibility and opportunity for entrepreneurs to take risks that ultimately lead to radical breakthroughs.



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