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Connecting scientists and researchers around the world as a researcher or a scientist, your work largely depends on continuous learning. We want to facilitate that by helping you find premier academic conferences, workshops, and seminars. Networking with your peers, joining group discussions, presenting your latest findings, and addressing common challenges will allow you to remain at the top of your field. At Conference2Go as conference finder, we’d like to use our decades of experience in the events industry to make sure you don’t miss out on these opportunities. Search for international conferences and subscribe to personalized notifications whenever a new event in your field is announced with Conference2Go.

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We have a network of 100,000+ scientists and researchers from around the world. Use our platform to promote your academic event to a targeted audience. Conference2Go is an essential marketing channel that will allow you to generate quality leads and sign up speakers and attendees for your next conference or workshop. Explore our advertising packages and get started in a matter of minutes.

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