Connect with developers of innovative waterproofing solutions for the building and civil engineering industries
The building and civil engineering industries face challenges relating to climate change and the demand for energy and water conservation for a growing population in a world that is quickly developing. However, they also seek to introduce new designs and applications, from showcase buildings and structures defining the pinnacle of architectural imagination through to unseen waterproof barriers that prevent ecological disasters. To meet these challenges, they require innovative waterproofing solutions offering not only better waterproofing durability but also an improved environmental footprint together with competitive new solutions for the speed, efficiency and cost of installation.

Waterproof Membranes 2021 provides a global forum for open discussion of the latest solutions, technology, performance and market trends within bitumen, polymeric and liquid membranes across all waterproofing applications.

The event offers superb opportunities to network and interacts with engineers, specifiers, researchers and commercial personnel working for: the world’s leading membrane producers; raw material and component suppliers; machinery manufacturers; and institutes or companies involved in the research, testing and certification of membranes.



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