The International Dead Sea Symposium (IDSS) is one of Israel’s prominent historic scientific meetings. Since1992 the IDSS has successfully contributed to making our country one of the leaders in innovative electrophysiology. The 2022 symposium will concentrate broadly on emerging technology and therapies that include all phases of the innovation process, e.g., ongoing, or recently completed studies on devices, ablation, mapping systems, and pharmacology. Modes of presentation include how to workshops, live presentations, debates and round table sessions on nurturing promising and groundbreaking ideas. The meeting will commence with a full day of workshops and mini courses on cardiac anatomy, ECG, physiologic pacing, implantation of LAA occluders, S- ICD, lead extractions -a unique opportunity to learn and practice how to, HF management by CIED (CRT, His pacing, LVAD), and complex mapping and ablation procedures. It will continue with a two-day conference focusing on current approaches to treat cardiac arrhythmias, emphasizing the impact of novel technologies on current and future therapies intended to save hearts and lives.



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