The II Scientific and Practical Conference “THE PHENOMENON OF LIBRARIES IN THE MODERN WORLD”

The II Scientific and Practical Conference “THE PHENOMENON OF LIBRARIES IN THE MODERN WORLD”
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The II All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “THE PHENOMENON OF LIBRARIES IN THE MODERN WORLDwill be held on September 30, 2021 at the Mariupol State University.

 Conference areas include:

  1. A history and a modernity of librarianship: Ukrainian and world experience.
  2. New Challenges in Bibliology, Publishing and Archival Affairs, Bibliopolistics and Bibliography.
  3. Cultural, educational and artistic factors in the society development.
  4. Reading culture in modern society.
  5. Training of professionals in informational, librarian, archival and cultural studies, philology, journalism and other related to social communication specialties.
  6. The library funds formation and storage problems.
  7. Information and records management activities features.
  8. Library as a cultural and information center.
  9. Management and Marketing in Social Communication.

The languages of the conference: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian, Polish, English, French, German, Italian, Modern Greek

Paper Submission Deadline: September 10, 2021 (Please submit your papers via email with filled in application form).

 Author’s application form

First and Last Name (If there are several authors, after the main author’s name, each of the other authors will write their full names) 
Position (Student or Degree and Academic rank) 
Organization Name 
Paper title 
Phone (cell) 
Form of participation (full‐time with report on Plenary Meeting and/or Report on Sessions, with/without publication, online participation) 


Requirements for abstract:

  1. Font – Times New Roman (12 pt)
  2. Author’s Last Name and Initials are placed in the right side of page, place of work or study, paper title should be printed in capital letters in the center of page
  3. Annotations (up to three lines) are given at one interval after the paper title.
  4. References are given in alphabetical order, as on the sample: [2, с. 45].


Conference fee (not required for international participants but we’d be grateful for donations):
• 250 Hryvnas or 8 Euro with published collection of articles;

  • 70 Hryvnas or 2 Euro (collection of articles in PDF format).

 Contact information: +380979892553 (Viber / Telegram / WhatsApp – Department of Informational Activities, Mariupol State University)

Bank details of Mariupol State University for the conference participants donations:

Payment account: UA 57 820172 03132 51001 2010 08203

Bank: State Treasury Service of Ukraine in Kiev

Organization code according to the national classifier of enterprises and organizations: 26593428

Purpose of payment: Donation for conference “THE PHENOMENON OF LIBRARIES IN THE MODERN WORLD” 2021



We are looking forward to meeting you at the conference!





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