With the development of the concept of automobile intelligence, the increase of glass consumption of per vehicle has become a major trend in the automobile industry. In addition to the initial safety function, automobile glass is endowed with intelligence, comfort, energy saving and other new functions under the background of the “New Four Modernizations “of automobiles. It is reported that in 2025, the use area of glass in per car is expected to increase by 9%, the value of glass in one square meter is expected to increase by 24%, and the overall value of glass in vehicle is expected to increase by 35%. With the recovery of the automobile industry, the total size of the global automotive glazing market is expected to reach 149.2 billion CNY, and the compound growth rate is expected to reach 11% in 2020-2025. The market scale of the automotive glass industry has a promising future.

The 3rd China Vehicle Glazing Innovation Summit 2022 will focus on the development and application of automotive glazing under the background of the automotive “New Four Modernizations“ trend, combined with development cases, in-depth discussion will be made on hot topics such as the future of automotive glass market, intelligent glass, glass lightweight, 5G antenna glass, LiDAR glass, panoramic sunroof, interior glass, AR-HUD,etc., aimed to promote the intelligent upgrade and development of the automobile industry.

Meeting time / place
April 7-8, 2022 / Shanghai, China

20 + leading enterprises in the industry intelligence sharing
100 + Delegates
Conduct on-site communication with industry leaders and cutting-edge enterprises
Promote online and offline at the same time to increase brand exposure

The Evolution of Automotive Glazing in the Smart Mobility Era
Automotive Glazing Designing and Engineering Demand from the OEM Perspective
Advanced Interlayer for Automotive Glazing Applications
On-Glass Antennas Paves the Way to Connected Car
A Seamless Integration of LiDAR Sensors behind Vehicles’ Windshield
Automotive Lightweight Glazing with a PC Approach in the Carbon Neutral Era
Photovoltaic Sunroof-A Bridge to a Green and Clean Future
Windshield Development and Design in Terms of Safety and Comfort
Automotive Acoustic Glazing and NVH Performance Optimization
From HUD to AR-HUD, How Automotive Glazing Enable Immersive and Connected Driving Experiences
How Does Holographic AR-HUD Technology Reshape the Future of Windscreen?
New Generation Switchable Glazing Application in Automotive
The Intelligence Revolution of Interior Glazing in the New Era
Smart Surface- How Does Curved Glass Enable Future Auto Interior
Forming and Bending Solution for Automotive Glazing
Case Study- How to FEEL the View by Smart Glass
Intelligent Cockpit–Interior Ambient Glazing Thriving in Automotive Industry

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