The 12th China Digital Marketing And Ecommerce Innovation Summit

The 12th China Digital Marketing And Ecommerce Innovation Summit

With the growth of national living standards, continuous economic structure adjustment and communication mode changes, the residents’ consumption has changed from improved consumption demand and material consumption demand to a new one for better quality and consumption segmentation. With the advent of new consumption era, consumption upgrading will be the constant theme in the next decade. The macro background of upgraded consumption structure sees new consumer markets, new consumption systems and a new generation of consumers, with new marketing technologies and ideas emerging accordingly. With the increasing data traffic, how to focus on consumers and serve them directly has become a common problem of major enterprises. Through 2 parallel forums, 3 cheif talks and 7 hot topic plates, this summit will help brand owners deeply analyze consumer market changes in the new era from all aspects and jointly explore the longer-term and leapfrog growth of brands.

Meeting time / Place
March 16-18, 2022 / Shanghai, China
Brand and driving force building in consumer market
The winning strategy of “integrated quality and efficiency” in all channels by breaking 3 barriers for brands
Two-wheel drive brand deterministic growth in the whole life cycle of consumers and goods
Empowering new growth operation in an omni-channel way to build a brand marketing matrix
Digital operation helping new brands growth–exploring new consumer brand mentality and marketing
The second half of the private domain for brands-Mining of super users and exploration of stock market
With encrypted platform user data, how brand owners build private domain systems to seek an incremental market
Panel discussion: How brand owners deal with “hidden” consumer data in post ID era of marketing?
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