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THE WORLD’S LARGEST Education EVENT. Join 1000+ of the world’s brightest minds in teaching and education to learn, share secrets & connect online. This Summit is an interactive event and knowledge platform for everyone in the field of education.

We live in tumultuous times – the technological and scientific progress has never been more stark, but neither has the backlash of the progress. Globalisation has unleashed the power of innovation on a truly massive scale, which both opens up unprecedented opportunities for growth and points out the lack of preparedness to contain the negative side effects.
Education and teaching have always been at the heart of progress. It’s the foundation that is expected to sustain brilliant breakthroughs, manage risks, and inspire continuous development. The only way the education sector can provide a strong foundation is if it continuously evolves and adapts to the needs of society.
Teaching and Education Summit 2022 is an interactive event and knowledge platform for everyone involved in the field of education. The goal of #TESUMMIT2022 is to create an environment that facilitates conversations and the exchange of ideas that move the field forward, inspire collaboration, and create a bridge that connects ideas and minds from around the world.

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    August 10, 2022

    I would like to have more information about the conference. I am in Education Policy

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