QCon London is a conference for senior software engineers, architects and team leads. Deep-dive with world-class software leaders on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by the world’s most innovative software professionals.
Find practical inspiration (not product pitches) from software leaders deep in the trenches creating software, scaling architectures and fine-tuning their technical leadership to help you make the right decisions.
Topics covered at QCon London are:

Performance & Mechanical Sympathy
Modern Java
Next Generation Microservices: Building Distributed Systems the Right Way
Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About
Building and Evolving APIs
Developer Enablement – The Secret Weapon
Modern Data Pipelines & DataMesh
Debug, Analyze & Optimise… in Production!
Innovations in ML Systems
Staff-Plus Engineer Path W
ebAssembly & Modern Systems Programming Languages
Optimising for Speed & Flow

Don’t miss out on real-world insights to help you adopt the right technologies and practices.



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