QCon London International Software Development Conference 2023

QCon London International Software Development Conference 2023

QCon London International Software Development Conference 2023

About this event

QCon London is an international software development conference for senior software engineers, software architects, and team leads.

On March 27-29, software leaders driving innovation in software engineering and architecture will come together for 3 days of real-world technical talks, practical advice, and actionable insights. Find practical inspiration (not product pitches) from software leaders deep in the trenches creating software, scaling architectures, and fine-tuning their technical leadership to help you make the right decisions.

Deep-dive with world-class software leaders on the patterns, practices, and use cases leveraged by early adopter companies. Topics covered at QCon London include:

Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About

Architecture in 2025

Performance: Designing and Tuning

Building Security in Earlier

Socially Conscious Software

Modern Frontend Development and Architecture

Building Modern Backends

Paving the Road: Enhancing Developer Productivity and Experience

Data Engineering Innovations

AI/ML Trends

Architecture with Sustainability in Mind

The Tech of FinTech

Remote and Hybrid Work: What Now?

Staff+ Engineering in Practice

Debugging Production

“I can’t remember the last conference I attended (of 100s) where every single talk was interesting, and I learned something. If you’re used to being in a group that has seen and heard it all, try out this one.” Donnie Berkholz, QCon London 2022 Attendee, DevX Leader,  SVP Product @Percona

At QCon, you’ll always find:

Senior software practitioners first.

Real-world technical talks.

No hidden marketing, no sales pitches, no hype.

Speakers Hand-picked by an international program committee.

‘We Care’ experience: healthy food, healthy environment, strict code of conduct.

Attend in-person for an immersive experience, time to connect with speakers and peers, unconference sessions, and conference social events.

The flexible online experience gives you access to most talks on-demand, live unconference and group problem-solving sessions, and the option to connect with peers and speakers in our Slack workspace.

Join QCon as a team and save with exclusive discounts for both the in-person and online experiences!

Level-up on the topics that matter the most right now, solve your complex engineering challenges, and get clarity on software decisions, workflows, and roadmaps. Don’t miss out on real-world insights to help you adopt the right technologies and practices.
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