Where has the genetic revolution led us today? Three areas of medicine stand out as examples of how genomics has changed the way healthcare is provided: first – customizable cancer treatment based on the type of mutation that an individual’s cancer carries; second – how expectant mothers of average risk can now take a blood test for foetus trisomy instead of an invasive amniocentesis (with the risk of harming the developing foetus); and third – rare monogenic disorders, where there are about 7,000 known cases.   About 2800 of these genes have phenotype-causing mutations been found and catalogued. To unfold such details and study of latest and upcoming research in genomics and proteomics – Join us at Our MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference on 9th – 10th March 2023 at ILEC Conference Centre & Ibis London Earls Court, London.   Conference Registration:   The conference will assimilate diverse sessions on Functional genomics and Organellar Proteomics in Biomedicine, Applied and Translational genomics, Epigenomics in Systems Biology, Immune Phenotyping – Flowcytometry and Immuno Metabolic Markers- Polygenic Risk Scores, Next Generation Sequencing and Single Cell Sequencing for Disease Diagnosis, Electrospray Mass Spectrometry-based Biomarkers, Multidimensional Liquid Chromatography in Clinical Proteomics, Genome-Wide Variant Data and Application of Omics in Protein–Protein Interaction.



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