International Food Conference

International Food Conference

International Food Conference

About this event

WYN conferences is organizing the “International Conference on Food Processing and Packaging Expo” which is a platform to gather all Scientists, researchers, scholars, and all leading experts in Food Processing and Packaging which is going to be held during August 25-26, 2022 in Zagreb, Croatia. The main theme of WYN- Food Expo 2022 is “From the Farm to the Kitchen”. WYN Food Expo 2022 is inviting scientists from academia, industry, and agencies along with business delegates to discuss recent progress and upcoming movements in the field of Food Processing and Packaging Expo. Food Expo Conference is a better platform to share the latest evidence-based knowledge in timely prime, acute, and specialty care topics developed and presented by experts in the field of Food Processing and Packaging. Including Oral Presentations, Food Processing meeting also includes Poster presentations, Roundtables, Panel discussions, Exclusive Interviews, Face to Face meetings, Young scholars’ presentations and awards, and presentations from Sponsors and exhibitors. The Food Processing Conference Organizing Committee remains attentive in monitoring. We have confidence that our announcement will encourage many more to participate in WYN Food Expo 2022.

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