Recent understanding of Quantum Science and Technology has exceeded our expectations for meeting the requirements of human society for different applications, such as telemedicine, in the 21st century. Free-space optical (FSO) communication is one of the key technologies for realizing ultra-high-speed multi-gigabit-per-second (multi-Gb/s) large-capacity communications. Using lasers as signal carriers, FSO laser communications (Laser-Com) can provide a line-of-sight, wireless, high-bandwidth, communication link between remote sites. Rapidly growing use of the internet and multimedia services has created congestion in the telecommunications networks and placed many new requirements on carriers. IR Laser transmitters offer an intermediate low risk means to introduce desired network functionalities with extremely high bandwidth, over conventional RF wireless communications technology, including higher data rates, low probability of intercept, low power requirements, and much smaller packaging. Spintronics as another emerging field for the next-generation quantum devices using the Spin degree of freedom of Electrons /Holes, Neuromorphic engineering, etc.



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