International Conference on Business and Finance 2021

International Conference on Business and Finance 2021

We, the scientific and organizing committee of ICBF, would like to invite researchers from all economic areas including but not limited to business, management, and finance,… to submit papers for presentation at the conference. This event provides an open platform for scholars and practitioners worldwide to meet and share their recent research, exchange ideas and information on new developments in business, management and finance research. The conference is organized and hosted by the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Co-organized by the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. The University of Lincoln, United Kingdom also participates in this event.

The main topics of the conference include but not limited to: asset pricing, banking studies, behavioral finance, business and international business, business administration, capital market integration, corporate finance, IPOs, SEOs, M&A, corporate governance, emerging markets finance, entrepreneurial finance, finance and sustainability, financial econometrics, financial engineering and derivatives, financial markets, institutions and money, financial modeling, international trade, marketing, international business, management, leadership, public governance, economics and law, business and law, accounting, tourism.

Journal of Economic Development, Asian Journal of Law and Economics, International Journal of Economics and Management, The Singapore Economic Review (World Scientific), Journal for Global Business Advancement, Book Series “Vietnam and the Global Economy”.



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