Global Conference on Geology and Earth Science

About this event

Magnus Group is delighted to welcome one and all to its unique event “Global Conference on Geology and Earth Science” (GEOLOGY 2022) slated during September 19-20, 2022 at the magnificent city of Paris, France. The congress will emphasize the theme “Global View of Down-To-Earth Geological Advancements for Reaching Sustainable Goals.” This global summit will be held in a hybrid format, which combines a face-to-face experience with an online component, will allow attendees to learn, engage, and network from anywhere in the world. Over 100 people are anticipated to attend this scientific gathering, including researchers, scientists, academicians, geologists, decision-makers, metallurgists, engineers, industry professionals, and students. The conference will focus on maximising value of recent trends and innovations and driving productivity in geology and earth science showcasing industry best practise through its plenary talks, keynote sessions, symposiums, oral and poster presentations. Attendees will get the chance to learn about new techniques and upcoming technology that may be used to improve geology and earth science. GEOLOGY 2022 intends to create a discussion-driven forum for facilitating knowledge transfer between geological science and earth science disciplines and identifying research requirements to help future. Upcoming Geology Conferences: Geology Conferences 2022 | Geology Conference | Geology Conference 2022 | Earth Science Conferences | Earth Science Conferences 2022 | Earth Science Conference | Earth Science Conference 2022 | Geology Congress | Geology Congress 2022 | Earth Science Congress | Earth Science Congress 2022 | Geology 2022 | Geology Webinars | Online Geology Conferences | Geology Virtual Conferences | Geology Hybrid Events

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