EUconomics International Conference “Financial and Monetary Policies for Fostering European Integration”


The EUconomics InternationalConference “Financial and Monetary Policies for Fostering European Integration” is organized within the Jean Monnet Module “Towards New Paradigms of EU Economics: Financial and Monetary Milestones” (EUconomics), on March 30th – April 1st, 2023, in Iași, Romania. To reach a wider audience, the conference will be organized as a hybrid event, although we strongly encourage in-person attendance for presenters.
The conference aims to bring into discussion the key role of EU financial and monetary policies for fostering European integration and will provide the background for the development of constructive debates on this and other connected topics. Young and established academics, researchers, and practitioners from both Romania and other EU and non-EU countries are encouraged to attend and bring their contribution to a better understanding of the European policy background, old and new challenges for policy making, and specific role of financial and monetary policies in supporting growth and stability in Europe and around the world.
Contributions on the following (non-restrictive) topics are welcome:

Emerging economic, societal, environmental, and technological challenges for European policy making
Fiscal policies and their impact on the European business environment
European monetary policies and financial stability
Banks, insurance, and financial markets in the European Union
Business management in a dynamic European policy environment
Legal issues and approaches to strengthening the European regulatory framework



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