Envision Humanity International Conference

Envision Humanity International Conference
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An incentivised prize competition is a technique to direct humanity’s focus for an achievable goal, that might help solve a global problem, helping change the world.


Our prizes aim to captures the world’s attention, the media attention, and inspire teams from all over the world to focus their energy and skills to solve the defined goals, stimulating innovation. Our prizes aim to solve audacious goals, achievable goals believed to be achievable in a 3-5 years time horizon. We aim to focus human potential on critical problems, which currently does not have a clear path towards a solution.

We define the problem and frame the challenge. Our goal is not to show the path for the solution but to defining the problem, and the challenge, and incentivise the teams, from all over the world, to find the most effective solutions. Everyone can compete for the prizes, from the world-famous industry experts to well-funded high school students.


One of our main missions is to enable innovators from all around the world to attract capital to support their goal of winning the prize. We provide the inspiration and vision of a better future, and the winning teams will join us proving that the worlds impossible problems can in fact be solved.



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