This conference will explore a breadth of new technical approaches to the identification and development of novel cancer therapeutics, including agents in early clinical development. The aim is to provide an accessible insight into recent developments in this rapidly evolving field, that aims to harness our insights from cancer research for the benefit of patients.

The target audience for this conference is: scientists in academia and industry who are interested in the most recent developments in cancer therapeutic discovery, including small molecule, degrader, peptide, and antibody technologies. The conference will include several novel antitumour approaches in early clinical development.

Join us online on 24 and 25 September to learn more about this fascinating topic from world-renowned speakers! Submit your abstract before 29 July and register before 09 September to secure your place.


Speakers: Alessio Ciulli | Ecaterina Dumbrava | Puja Sapra | Jan Smith | Nicolas Thoma


Scientific Programme Committee: Steve Wedge (Cancer Research Horizons Therapeutic Innovation & Newcastle University, UK) | Susan Critchlow (AstraZeneca, UK) | Erica Jackson (Scorpion Therapeutics (USA) | Mark Pearson (Boehringer-Ingelheim, Austria) | Georg Winter (CeMM, Austria)


Keywords: cancer research, oncology, therapeutic targets, cancer drug discovery, drug discovery approaches, new technical approaches to cancer therapeutics, early clinical development, small molecule technology, phenotypic screens, covalent fragment screens, degrader technology, PROTAC, molecular glue, peptide technology, oral cyclic peptide inhibitors, antibody technology, antitumour approaches, antibody drug conjugates, targeting RAS, targeting mutant p53.



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