This conference aims to illuminate the intricate dynamics between ageing and cancer, fostering interdisciplinary dialogue among researchers and clinicians. By understanding the biological dimensions of cancer in ageing populations, we aspire to drive innovations in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment strategies. Ultimately, the conference seeks to catalyse collaborative efforts to confront the unique challenges posed by cancer in the ageing world, with the overarching goal of improving the quality of life and outcomes for elderly cancer patients.

This conference is relevant for a diverse range of researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals. We look forward to being joined by: scientists and academics working in oncology, gerontology, genetics, and related disciplines; clinical oncologists, geriatricians, and other healthcare professionals who play a crucial role in diagnosing, treating, and supporting elderly patients with cancer; and representatives from pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms which develop innovative therapies and technologies to combat cancer in ageing populations.

Join us online on 03 and 04 December to learn more about this fascinating topic from world-renowned speakers! Submit your abstract before 14 October and register before 11 November to secure your place.

Speakers: Andrea Alimonti | Marco Demaria | Thomas Helleday | Andrés Hidalgo | Sheila Stewart | Amaya Viros


Keywords: cancer research, oncology, ageing, ageing hallmarks, senescence, immunosenescence, inflammaging, aged tumour microenvironment, cancer prevention, cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment, elderly patients, treatment advances


Contact Person: Chris Iliffe <>



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