China Supply Chain Carbon Neutrality Summit 2022

China Supply Chain Carbon Neutrality Summit 2022

China Supply Chain Carbon Neutrality Summit 2022

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In February 2021, the China State Council released Guideline to Accelerate the Development of a Green and Low-carbon Cycle Economic Development System. In the guideline it is specifically required to comprehensively implement the green economy development systems composed of green planning, green design, green investment, green construction, green production, green circulation, green living, and green consumption in the whole process. By this way, the economic development can be based on efficient use of resources, strict protection of the ecological environment, and effective control of greenhouse gas emissions to ensure achieving the goals of “reaching to peak of carbon dioxide emission” and ” carbon neutrality”.
Supply chain carbon neutrality is an important means to achieve the “dual carbon” goal. This summit will focus on practical cases of carbon neutrality in the supply chain, the application of low-carbon digital technology, carbon neutral and procurement, zero-carbon factories, green delivery, and other hot topics, to discuss the trend and best practices of carbon neutral in the supply chain with industry supply chain carbon neutral experts, helping enterprises to develop green and achieve a balance between ecology and benefits.

March 24-25, 2022 / Shanghai, China

Development Trend of China Supply Chain Carbon Neutrality
End to End “Zero Carbon” Supply Chain Management
Digital Supply Chain Program Helps Companies to Reduce Carbon Footprints
Decarbonization of Supply Chain in Auto Industry
AI Enables Supply Chain to Achieve the Carbon Neutral Goal
Workshop Automation Helps Achieving Zero-carbon Plant
Sustainable Development and Emission Reduction of Logistics
Recyclable Packaging Solutions Empower Green Delivery
ESG and Supply Chain Carbon Neutrality
Panel Discussion: How to Achieve Sustainable and High-speed Performance Growth with High Profit while Satisfy the Development Requirements of Supply Chain Carbon Neutrality?
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China Supply Chain Carbon Neutrality Summit 2022

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