China Corporate Security and Risk Management Summit 2022


In recent years, human beings around the world have experienced various crisis events such as coronavirus pandemics, urban riots and environmental disasters, all of which have affected the normal business operations of corporate to varying degrees and brought unprecedented challenges to corporate survival and development. In addition, with the development of the digital economy, corporate embrace digitalization to accelerate the pace of development to enhance competitive advantage, but meanwhile have to face a series of security risks brought by digitalization. In today’s climate of uncertainty, the lack of effective security and risk management can have a devastating impact on business and competitiveness.

The China Corporate Security and Risk Management Summit 2022 will gather around 100 experts and executives in the field of security and risk management to conduct mind exchanges around the topics like corporate security and risk management, emergency management, compliance program, physical security, data protection, third-party risk management, business continuity planning, access control, security process automation, etc., aiming to provide an accurate external communication platform for the representatives to exchange security and risk management experiences and insights, understand related technologies and practices, and in result to escort the secure, continued and safe operation and prosperous development of corporate.

Event Date / Location / Organizer
2022.4.26-27 / Shanghai, China / ECV International

Dynamic and intelligence sharing from 20+ leading enterprises in the industry
Networking with security and risk management related experts from the world’s top 2000 companies
Online and offline promotion at the same time to increase brand exposure

Presentation Topics
Corporate Security Management in an Uncertain World
Innovative Risk Assessment and Management of Modern Companies
Multi-dimensional Safety Protection System Design for Enterprise Personnel, Sites and Operation
Approach and Practice about Enterprise Emergency Management and Risk Avoidance
Practice of Establishing and Implementing Corporate Compliance Program
Interpretation of China’s Data Security Law and Corporate Compliance Suggestions
Measures to Manage Remote or Mobile Working Security Issues
Conduct Efficient Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to Response to Inevitable Upheavals
About us
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