Addressing climate change has become an urgent challenge facing mankind in the 21st century, and promoting green development a global consensus. On September 22, 2020, China announced at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) that would take stronger measures to achieve “peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060”. The national carbon emission trading market, one of the core policy tools to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality, was officially launched on July 16 after eight years of pilot projects and four years of construction. Research has predicted that the volume of China’s carbon trading market will reach 250 million tons in 2021, three times the total volume of pilot exchanges in 2020, and the transaction value will reach 6 billion yuan.

The summit will focus on “Chinese carbon trading market and carbon management”, by inviting government agencies, industry experts, petroleum, and high level executives from chemical industry, papermaking, energy, automotive, steel and finance to share pragmatic cases based on the hot topics including the planning and standardization of carbon trading and management policy, and of the latest development condition, enterprise practice as well as low-carbon technology solutions. It provides valuable information and technical guidance for enterprises to participate in carbon trading, carbon management and low-carbon transformation planning, so as to make practitioners more clearly understand the latest trends and challenges of the industry, seizing opportunities and making policy adjustments.

Summit Time/ Venue / Organizer

March 10-11, 2022/Shanghai, China/ECV International


Simultaneous interpretation device for 2-day conference

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Two-day buffet lunch coupons, tea breaks and all refreshments provided by five-star hotels

15+ High Quality Speeches

Hot Topics

Development Status and Trend Outlook of China’s Carbon Trading Market

Interpreting the Opportunities and Challenges in the Construction of China’s Carbon Quota Registration System

The Development Status of Global Carbon Trading Market and Its Referential Value to the Establishment of China’s Carbon Market

How to Improve the Quality of Data in the Carbon Trading Market to Help Achieve Peak Carbon and Carbon Neutrality

Energy and Electricity Transformation Path under the “Dual Carbon Target”: Carbon Market Promotes Low-carbon Transition of Power System

Carbon Trading Market Promotes Green Transformation of Real Estate and Construction Industry

Scientific Carbon Accounting Technology Solutions to Achieve Better Development of the National Carbon Trading Market

Interpret the development status of carbon finance: How Can Financial Instruments Effectively Activate Carbon Markets

Panel Discussion:How Can Carbon Trading Market Effectively and Scientifically Promote Enterprises to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

Strategy and Practice of Carbon Emission Reduction Trading in Automobile Supply Chain

Analysis and Interpretation of Carbon Management System Standard

How Papermaking Industry Can Effectively Carry Out Carbon Emission Reduction and Carbon Management under the Guidance of Carbon Neutrality Goal


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