Invitation to Congress The Center for Social Research (TAM) continues to act and produce studies in line with its founding objectives. Our think tank, which was officially established on January 20 at the beginning of 2022, has accomplished great things for a year. One of them was Tam Academy, our international peer-reviewed social sciences journal, and the other was undoubtedly the 1st International Social Sciences Congress, which we held in Antalya’s Kaş district between 20-22 May 2022. We succeeded in bringing scientists together with a real scientific experience in the lap of nature and history, and as we promised, we will realize our aim to make this congress a tradition with the TAM 2nd International Social Sciences Congress, which will be held in Kaş and Patara between 19-21 May 2023.This year our congress will be much more special. Since 2023 is the centennial of our Republic, we have determined the main theme of our congress as “The Republic and What It Brings” in order to live and keep this pride alive. Studies that deal with all these issues within the framework of the Republican period and its accumulation will be accepted this year to our congress, which is open to papers from all fields of Social Sciences. We invite scientists from all over the world to our congress, which we present to the centennial of the Republic, and we hope to meet you in Kaş and Patara with its magnificent nature and history. Another important difference for our congress is that this year the sessions in the discipline of archeology will be held in the ancient city of Patara. On the last day of our congress, a trip to the ancient city of Patara awaits you. As the Center for Social Research, we wish you all the best and look forward to your participation in our congress, hoping to meet at our congress where science, nature and history will come together.



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