Power Conference 2023 will take place in Amsterdam, Netherlands on the 24th-25th of June. Don’t miss out on insightful presentations, thought-provoking discussions, and dynamic networking.

With the participants joining from all over the world – e.g., North Macedonia, Peru, Iceland, the United States, China, Canada, and others – this Conference is the perfect opportunity to discover global and regional trends, learn innovative application frameworks, and share your research.

Voted by past participants as one of the most anticipated ePower Conferences of 2023, the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Renewable Energy and Power will cover topics like waste recycling energy, energy markets, risk management in the energy sector, marine energy, power systems and automation, smart grids, and numerous others.

knowledge should not exist in a silo. Show off your research to an extensive academic community and an internationally diverse audience. Become an oral or virtual speaker, or present a poster as well. Gain a unique and colorful experience, while also encouraging others to start or present their research!



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