We are pleased to announce our inaugural International Conference on Human Rights: Youth in Asia (ICHR), co-convened by YPFP Tokyo, Research Centre for Sustainable Peace and the Graduate Program on Human Security, The University of Tokyo, to be held in Tokyo, Japan, in hybrid format on 25-26 March 2023.

Our ICHR aims to provide an academic opportunity for students, emerging scholars and practitioners in the field of Human Rights to share their research, engage with peers, experts, and leaders through our international, intergenerational, and inclusive programming and to learn about the challenges facing the realm of Human Rights in Asia and the world.

We are pleased to invite submissions and participation from students and faculty at your university and kindly ask you to share the details of this event. Please see our ICHR Concept Note in English ( and Japanese ( for more information. Our conference will maintain a hybrid format to provide maximum accessibility to all potential attendees.

Interested parties are required to submit an abstract (500-800 words), which should contain the following elements: Introduction, Summary of Methodology and Findings, and a Conclusion. Topics are not limited to Japanese issues. You are welcome to research on human rights issues in and outside Japan and East Asia.

Click here ( to submit your abstracts!

Helix LO (Focal Point of the 2023 International Conference on Human Rights: Youth in Asia)
YPFP, Tokyo



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