12th International Conference on Knowledge and Education Technology (ICKET 2023)

12th International Conference on Knowledge and Education Technology (ICKET 2023)
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Accepted (Registered and Presented) papers will be collected in the International Journal of Knowledge Engineering (IJKE).

ISSN: 2382-6185
DOI: 10.18178/IJKE
Indexed by: Google Scholar, Crossref, ProQuest etc. major databases.

ICKET 2021 | August 12-14, 2021 | Tokyo, Japan (Virtual)
ICKET 2020 | August 22-25, 2020 | Virtual
ICKET 2019 | August 23-26, 2019 | Prague, The Czech Republic
ICKET 2018 | August 22-24, 2018 | Edinburgh, Scotland
ICKET 2017 | August 28-30, 2017 | Moscow, Russia
ICKET 2016 | October 29-31, 2016 | Hatfield, England
ICKET 2015 | July 6-7, 2015 | Bangkok, Thailand
ICKET 2014 | July 3-4, 2014 | Jeju Island, Korea
ICKET 2013 | July 6-7, 2013 | Hong Kong
ICKET 2012 | July 7-8, 2012 | Paris, France

=Conference Chairs
Alexander Balinsky, Cardiff University, UK

=Program Chairs
Jalel Ben-Othman, University of Paris 13, France
Kazumasa Oida, Fukuoka Institute of Technology , Japan
Yoshifumi Manabe, Kogakuin University,Japan

=Publicity Chairs
Boris Kovalerchuk, Central Washington University, USA
Janneth Chicaiza, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja, Spain
Hyunbum Kim, Incheon National University, South Korea

*Knowledge acquisition
*Knowledge Management strategies and implementations
*Knowledge Reengineering
*Knowledge Visualization
*Tools and technology for knowledge management
*Ontology sharing and reuse
*Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
*Knowledge Relationship Discovery
*Knowledge Management and Projects
*K-Economy, k-community and k-enterprise
*Knowledge Services
*Information Technology and Applications
*Agents and Datamining
*Augmented and Virtual Reality
*Biometrics, Bioinformatics and Healthcare
*Computer Human Interaction
*Computer Vision and Image Processing
*Cyber Security
*Digital Graphics and Multimedia
*Distributed and Parallel Computing
*Handheld Devices and Micro Systems
*Learning organization & organizational learning
*Metadata and structured documents
*Semantic Web and Ontology
*Organizational semiotics
*Ontology matching and alignment
*Organizational memories
*Process knowledge and semantic services
*Social networks and the psychological dimension
*Ontology Engineering and Technology
More topics, please visit: http://icket.org/cfp.html

★=Paper Submission=
Online submission: http://confsys.iconf.org/submission/icket2023
Send to Email:  icket@academic.net

Jane Choi
E-mail:  icket@academic.net
Website:  http://icket.org/



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