How To Write A Professional Scholarship Letter?

How To Write A Professional Scholarship Letter?

How To Write A Professional Scholarship Letter?

To be able to shine and stand out amongst the hundreds of applicants for scholarships, it is important to have a solid, professional and creative letter which differs from others. Showing specifically what you are bringing to the table, your personality, background, and experiences just anything that has the power of presenting you as an attractive candidate. For this, the art of writing is an advantage. The scholarship letter is a showcase of your strengths and capabilities. By implementing a powerful language, careful editing, and knowledgeable focus, you can increase the impact of your letter.

Power statement, motivation letter, essay are all basically the same, they all refer to the letter which you use to present yourself in a persuasive manner. It is more like a story rather than a robotic way of describing your skills. Your personal achievement is a key here. Pick a specific experience (academic, work-related, travel wise even) and turn it into a story that clearly demonstrates your value. Working this story into a scholarship language which is concise and compelling and has the ability to leave the reader curious about you and your experiences is a winner here.

Scholarship Letter
Scholarship Letter

Following suggestions might help you in writing a professional scholarship letter:

  • The outline of the entire letter should be aligned with the topic or theme that you have decided to focus on throughout your letter. If for example, you are talking about sustainable tourism, your experiences, examples, and everything else should be relevant to this topic.
  • Your letter should reflect intelligence and should be polished without you sounding like you are trying too hard. You have to be smart in using playful language.
  • Punctuations, spellings, just the basic structure of the letter should be hundred percent correct. Proofread your letter as many times as you must do so.
  • Make sure you follow the guidelines of the scholarship program you are applying to. The word lengths, the questions they want you to focus on, the formats etc. This is an indicator of how much you actually pay attention to the instructions.
  • Make sure you know who exactly your audience or reader is. This way you can customize your letter to their interest or way of thinking sort of say, as long as the interest is aligned with your own.
  • Be creative, show that you are truly knowledgeable. Do not stick to what you learn in school and academic world. Real world examples, the activities you have been doing which have made you the person you are, the way you look at the issues in the world are all very interesting if you know how to illustrate them in your scholarship letter. Throw in some examples from different journals, articles. Quotes are always nice as well, a bit of smart humor could be a plus.
  • You have the power to convince the committee by showing that your talents and experiences are expansive. You can even divide your strengths into categories, for instance, academic, service, leadership, communication even athletics if related.
  • Use power words such as motivatedorganizedresponsibleproblem-solver
  • You may include a challenge you faced, actions you performed to overcome the challenge, and the results of your actions. Try to quantify the results of your accomplishments in the letter.

These were some of the basic ideas which you can use to strengthen your scholarship letter and increase your chance of being selected. However, it all truly boils down to how much you write from your heart and real experiences. Nothing beats transparency, true creativity and willingness to actually make a change and difference in the world. So speak your mind!!!


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