What Types Of Scholarships Are Out There?

Different types of scholarships for undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degrees can be obtained through in-depth research, very creative application letter and good planning. Unfortunately, for some, obtaining a scholarship seems like an unattainable task. We either think it belongs to the superheroes or to people with real need of financial aid. This might be true in nature but the types of scholarships one can apply to is so vast that there sure is something for everyone, if the application is done properly of course.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the most popular types of scholarships before digging into how and where we can actually apply for one.

    • Merit-based scholarships: This is the one which usually comes to our mind when we think about scholarships. As the name suggests you have to show your skills, capabilities, and creativity in a certain academic field. This is not only reflected through grades but essays & papers, a good C.V., your extra circular activities, knowledge of a language, a solid illustration of your interests and personality, these all count when the committee is looking at your application for this specific scholarship. You might be an excellent student but having no practical experience or by not showing the way you think and maneuver around issues, the grades on their own might not mean much.  This kind of scholarship is also offered to people with specific ethnic background or gender and it can be offered in full or partial tuition.
    • Need-based scholarships: Having financial difficulties, low-income parents, your family background, employment, citizenship, tax statements, country of origin and the problems which the country might be facing are all factors which a university or a government organization look at for this particular scholarship. Although showing your skills in a scholarship application is always a must, however, this category does have a specific focus on the financial status of the student, since the emphasis is really on assistance for educational purposes. Need-based scholarships are completely independent of the merit-based scholarships. You can always consult with an advisor to see which one you qualify for.
  • What types of scholarships are out there?
    • Athletic scholarships: Here is the good news for the sports lovers. This scholarship belongs to top-notch athletes, usually recruited by universities for athletic teams and such. Although this type of scholarship benefits in terms of free education, however, there is a high pressure on the athletes having to undergo hard training while balancing it with their studies. It all depends on your sports skills and performance.
    • Individual scholarships: This is for a specific level of studies such as Bachelor, Master or a PhD, or for a specific program as in Medicine, Engineering, or Sustainable Tourism etc. Individual scholarships may be offered directly from the school or, sometimes, from a private donor who is affiliated with the university such as an alumni who has set up a scholarship foundation. You can get information from this type of scholarship via your school program because sometimes you may not need to apply for one, you are automatically being considered for this type alongside your university admission.
    • Scholarships for Ethnic Minorities: Sometimes scholarships aren’t limited to grade averages or talents. There are designed to help certain minorities or genders, or students from certain countries receive an education. To clarify this let’s give some examples: scholarships for women in accounting, or even more specifically for theological students preparing to serve in aPresbyterian Church, for Hispanics, African American majoring in a specific field and so forth. This category covers a wide range of backgrounds and ethnicities.

We all know that each type of scholarship has its own criteria, objective, requirement and application style. Whether you are the academic superhero, or the sport genius, or are of a certain ethnic background, there’s bound to be a scholarship which recognizes your talent and fits your needs. There are many places to find the suitable scholarship, many ways for writing application letters and a lot of strategies and tactics to consider. We shall cover all of these points in the coming posts. Stay tuned!!!

Source: https://www.educations.com

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