A Guide To Planning a One Day Conference

A Guide To Planning a One Day Conference

A Guide To Planning a One Day Conference

Are you planning a conference? what is your vision? Event planning starts with a crafted vision. A successful event organizer can hold these thoughts to a wonderful conference with useful data and enough attendees. To achieve this goal we show you how to prepare basic and every single detail. Therefore, start organizing a one-day conference then you can extend the time of events, after managing several conferences.

Steps to planning a one day conference

If you want to hold a successful event from 6-12 month before the event date you should start organizing conference important items

Goals of planning a conference

when you are planning a conference, you should produce an inspiring action. So try to create a platform for connections. however ake a basement for academic students and professors to define projects. 

Invite famous speakers

As a genius event organizer, you should find keynote speakers with high engagement with the audience. Email the well-known professors in your preferred academic field. invite award-winning researchers Provide our speakers with an engaging audience.

Outstanding professors and academic members in the areas of feminism and women’s studies, for instance, are suggested to be invited for Women’s Studies conference .

Select a proper Venue

After you chose the subject and the speaker, on the planning conference checklist go to the Venue part.  Eventually, you can reserve a lecture hall at a hotel or a university.

Venue details for planning conference:
  • Good lighting 
  • Inspiring architecture.
  • Enough capacity
  • Ergonomic chairs
  • Modern Multimedia devices
  • Meeting rooms
  • Well air conditioning
  • Safe & secure

Event price and Marketing plan

Calculate every single detail to publish the ticket price as soon as possible. Finally, plan an advertising and marketing plan for the one day conference you`re organizing. Write down great Ads like: “Space is limited, Register Today!”

Planing conference Tictoc

Schedule a timeline or milestones for organizing the conference path. This timeline helps you manage every single detail to plan a one-day conference. 

last 6 months in the planning conference path

  • Setup Summit organizing Committee
  • Find Sponsors
  • Lock the Venue and Date
  • Launch a website for the event
  • Create pages for the speakers, theme, Venue 
  • Then promote your event

Submit the event on Conference2go

Last 3 months in the planning conference path

  • Send Invitation to the speakers and special guests
  • Sign the venue contract
  • Find a well-known catering and designer for the decor
  • Send a save-the-date email.
  • Monitor event budget.
  • Book hotel room for the attendees

6 weeks before the event

  • Email information on hotels and travel to attendees.
  • Finalize speakers.
  • Recruit camera experts to record  report from the event
  • Start Email Marketing
  • Promote the event on social Media
  • Monitor registration.
  • Send speakers guidelines

Last week to the planning conference

Now ou passed 90 percent of the organizing event path. So From now on try to follow these last steps:

  • Assign equipment and material procurement.
  • Send thank emails to the speakers and registrants
  • Confirm final details with speakers
  • Confirm travel plans.
  • Post final schedule and program to the website.
  • Print program.

Finished! Count down to the big day.

At the end

Planning a conference from the ground up requires very zoomed in on details. You can manage everything online. The process is at first a little bit hard to manage but after several successful events, you`ll become an expert on organizing a conference.

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