How to minimize webinar challenges?

How to minimize webinar challenges?

How to minimize webinar challenges?

As the covid-19 lockdown goes by, many academic speakers have shifted their physical events to virtual events. Organizing an event can make you nervous about starting and holding the conference without anxiety. You’ll need support and advice to handle webinar challenges.

What are the most Common Webinar challenges?

Of course, being stressed is the most common problem in the webinar issues list. On the other hand, still there are a lot of webinar challenges any scholar and academic speaker should be aware of. Check the details below.


1- Content and audience

Although the audience is not sitting in front of you and you can make eye contact with them, But you should prepare the best content and data they`ll need. Ask yourself about the usefulness and unique data you can collect for them. Remember any of these people can promote our future webinars. So do your best to communicate with them.

2- Anxiety is the most common in webinar challenges

To avoid facing anxiety, You have to be prepared. Practice in front of a mirror. And Memorize the difficult phrases.

3- Your slides

When you are online and your audience has logged into the virtual event platform, you have to manage your slides. the most common webinar challenges can be about the PowerPoint slides too.

What shows anxiety to your audience?

  • Can`t find your slides?
  • Forgotten your speech?
  • Where are your notes? find your notes?
  • You Stop talking for several minutes

Solving webinar issues: solution 3

  1. Prepare the PowerPoint of the content, at least 1 week before the webinar.
  2. Check your slides before the webinar starts.

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4- Absence of Audience

One of the common Webinar issues is that people register for them But at the webinar date and time, They won`t get online. That may make you nervous about the impression of your personal brand.

  • TIP: Set reminders 10-15 minutes before the webinar

Solving webinar issues solution 4

Announce a gift for online registrants during the time of the conference. Then promoting the webinar, you can tell people about discount codes or some gifts that you can send them late; If they`ll be online during the online event.

5- Few registrations

When you have unique content but just a few people signup for your virtual event; there is something wrong with the advertising. One of the most important webinar issues  is promoting it.

Solving webinar issues: solution 5

Start the promotion 2-3 months before the event.

Tip: Start the promotion about a month before the event. And make sure you send another invite on the big day itself, even a final reminder 10 to 15 minutes before kick-off can help attendees across the line. 23% of registrants sign up more than 15 days prior to the event, and another 25% on the day of the event itself.

6- Background noise

Sometimes when you are holding a virtual event the audience dial-in but there are noises in the background: that distract your attendees:

  • Dog barking
  • The hum of fluorescent light
  • Knock at the door
  • Vacuum Cleaner noise
  • People talking in another room
  • Hammering

Solving webinar issues: solution 6

You cannot mute all the noises before the virtual event. So ask a third person to manage the noses during the webinar. This kind of webinar challenge can reduce the concentration of your audience. And the final result is they won`t register for your future events.

7- Lack of engagement is one of the preventable webinar challenges

when you sit in front of a camera and speak for the next 2 hours, many of your attendees lose their attention because speaking without gamification is so boring for them. 75% of webinar attendees prefer a mix of interactive video and PPT. The shocking stat is just  17% of virtual speakers include powerful media.

Solving webinar issues: solution 7

Engage your attendees by including interactive tools and rich media like video, polls, group chat, in-room surveys, and more.

8- Technical problems

Light, Camera, Action! To face potential problems with webinars one of the most webinar issues you should be aware of is the technical problems. Check the technical issues before the webinar starts. If you dont have enough information about proper troubleshooting during a virtual event, You can ask an online operator to help you.

Solving webinar issues: solution 8

One of the benefits of webinar platforms is that there are people online that can support you with webinar challenges during presenting the online event. So bring the presentation online without any fear.

Tips for technical webinar issues:

  • Test any connection before the webinar
  • Prepare two internet operator
  • generate good lighting
  • Check all the electric devices you use during the webinar

Finally: Plan B for Webinar issues

To prevent any webinar challenges you should have a secure contingency plan for webinar issues. From forgetting the key content or internet problems. To avoid technical problems during your virtual event check every single connection and practice everything. Write down a Plan B for any webinar challenges we mentioned in this article. There are many culture conferences that are scheduled on Webinar platforms. Participants and speakers of these webinar sessions may come across and overcome the challenges mentioned above. While the pandemic crisis is almost over the elearning educational settings and the consequent online challenges will still remain. The elearning conferences will give the opportunity to find and share new solutions and methods.

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