9 great benefits of academic conferences

9 great benefits of academic conferences

9 great benefits of academic conferences

what is the point of academic conferences?

Some people think that attending an academic conference does not have any impact on their CV; But taking part at academic events and listening to the other students, researchers, authors, scientists and professors is not wasting of time. At Conference2go we listed benefits of academic conferences.

1. You can present your academic paper.

One the best benefits of Academic conferences is that you can present the paper of your research work, in front of tones of people. These people are in the same field of study and research that you are. When you present all these researchers can give you feedback. You can exchange ideas about the research. You will find new scientist friends who can help you develop your projects further. This point is fabulous for your resume.

2. Killing your fears

Most of the researchers and speaker had a lot of fears of speech in the beginning of their academic path. By taking benefits of academic conferences you get a lot of points and an extra benefit: you get this chance to speak in front of tons of people. After several events, you realize that speaking to foreigners, researches and giving an speech, is as easy as talking on your cell phone. So we recommend you to submit for our virtual events, even in the pandemic days.

With attending to academic conferences, you will find new fellows that are like-mined. All of you can share related activities after the conference. You can go to lab and library together. Even ask about your academic problems and find good ways to solve them, because these people have the same research filed as you have. You can improve your academic network and make good friends.

You discuss the biggest trends and the promising business ideas that will impact the future startup landscape at business conferences and workshops.

4. Publishhing your paper

One of the best benefits of academic conferences is that the host will publish your article. The selected research papers will be indexed in the Journals. Even if your paper was not selected you can charge to publish it. All the papers of academic conference will publish in the conference publication with an ISBN.

5. Socialize with professionals in your field

When you attend an academic conference you will meet advanced researchers, as well as senior professionals, scholars and professors. One of  the Fabulous benefits of academic conferences is that you can open up some conversations about their presentations; Ask them for more information about a specific; Talk about your opinion. Please don’t panic about socializing with professional; most of the after events are informal and friendly. Even you can get the contact information to be in touch.

In the management conference , namely, attendees will find exclusive networking opportunities and a chance to know other executive officers, managers, and advisors with that they may not be able to sit down on any other occasions.

6. Finding the newest Data

As an academic researcher you must find out what is new in your field of study. One of the best benefits of academic conference is to keep you updated about new findings.

7. Research ideas

When you take part in a scientific event you get a lot of benefits. One of them is fabulous for your scientific path. All the participants have a lot of information about your filed od study and research. You can listen to them and gather information and ideas for future research works. All these benefits of academic conference will sum up to your cv, and after 3-5 years, you will be a professional researcher.

Many teachers and students who are interested in getting the latest finding, innovative ideas, and up-to-the-minute news in their field join the annual education conferences .

8. Travelling round the world

A good benefit of academic conferences is traveling round the world. After each day of the conference dates, there are city tours that you can go and visit the beautiful city and its landmarks; Then relax the night at restaurants. When return to your routine days , you will be full of energy.

9. Meeting new cultures

In the list of benefits of academic conferences, we must put culture factor too. When you take part in an academic event; You will meet people from around the world with different cultures. These cultures enlighten your thoughts. You can get how each culture act in the same issue that you have. You understand new aspects and solutions. Meet your colleagues in the lunch time and coffee breaks; start socializing with them; ask them about their cultural traditions; then you will be surprised that people around the world have unique different way of thinking, studying and developing.

At the end

After of all these benefits of academic conferences, the best reason to participate to these events is to communicate with professional. With these chance ou will build a fabulous professional network for your career, what else do you want? And please tell us about your experience of gathering in academicals events.  

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