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Sociology Conferences 2024 | Top Events, Seminars & Workshops

Why spend hours searching for the right conference when you can find exactly what you are looking for in our directory of sociology conferences 2024 around the world.

We have carefully selected the best events in a variety of formats as well as both in-person and online events.

The International Conference on Research in Social Sciences, the International Conference on New Findings on Humanities and Social Sciences, the  International Conference on Research in Behavioral and Social Sciences – our database is rich in top events in the field.

What can I present about at a sociology conference?

If you are looking for an event to present your paper, you will find the right event here. The range of topics that the events in our directory cover includes but is not limited to:

  • Gender studies
  • Globalization
  • Medical sociology
  • Social movements and collective behavior
  • Childhood development and schooling
  • Economic sociology
  • Migration and immigration
  • Human and civil rights
  • Political sociology
  • Cultural, educational, and economic anthropology

And dozens of others

Sociology conference

Submit a killer abstract

Once you’ve identified the events you are interested in, maximize your chances of getting your paper selected with these tips on writing an abstract for a sociology conference:

  1. Write a distinctive, attention-grabbing title that neatly summarizes the main subject of your paper.
  2. Make it clear what question or problem your paper addresses.
  3. Explain the motivation of your paper to help conference organizers better understand why your research fits in the conference program: why the problem you are addressing is important, what the background of your research is, and why it matters.
  4. Provide relevant information on the study design. Remember to keep it concise.
  5. Give a brief overview of your results and findings.
  6. Explain the meaning of your findings – how does that fit in the larger context?

Of course, make sure to submit your abstract in the required format by the deadline specified by the conference organizer.

We have more events for you to browse through. Check out our directories of social media conferences and culture conferences .