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Mining Conferences in 2024 – Find the Right Event

The field of mining is not siloed. It is intricately connect to dozens of industries and fields of research: engineering, information technologies, environmental studies, computer science, and more.

As a result, mining conferences range in size and scope of content. If you are interested in a mining conference that looks at issues at a local/national level, we recommend looking for events taking place in your state or country. If, on the other hand, you would like to better understand macro trends and learn how innovative solutions in other countries could be translated and applied, we suggest looking for international events.

Furthermore, consider whether you are able to travel to the event of your choice and keep in mind that many of the events in our mining conferences 2024 directory feature a hybrid model, meaning they can be attended both in-person and virtually.

Finally, what sub-field of mining would benefit you more? Is it a mining law conference? Perhaps it’s a civil engineering conference. While many tend to stick to their immediate field of study, many find great benefit in attending events in associated fields as it allows them to gain a new perspective on their work and research topic.

If you’d like to broaden the scope of your event search, check out our directory of engineering conferences , which features conferences on such topics as advances in science, engineering and waste management, innovations in engineering, technology, computers and applied sciences, frontiers of computers and communication engineering, and many more.

We hope you will find the right event to attend!