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Join a Computing Conference in 2024

Expert speakers, vibrant networking, career growth opportunities – there are numerous reasons to attend a computing conference in 2024.

Browse through our directory of top academic events in the field – workshops, conferences, trade shows, and more. Each event offers its own unique networking and learning opportunities. Whether you are looking for cloud computing conferences, quantum computing conferences, or events in other sub-sections of computing, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for here.

Artificial intelligence, e-Learning, smart cities, intelligent transportation, cryptography, delivery systems and environments, computation optimization, web services and performance, mobile applications, machine vision, cybersecurity, sentiment analysis, brain-machine interface, digital communication – these are just a few examples of topics that these events cover. The field of computing is limitless, which is why there are no two events that cover the same topics. Evaluate and compare agendas, picking computing conferences that best match your research interests and needs.

Present Your Research at Computing Conferences 2024

Did you recently complete a research project? As an academic, much of your career growth relies on presenting your research and getting it published. Many of the computing conferences featured in our database offer publication opportunities with prestigious academic journals. Furthermore, presenting your paper at a relevant conference is the perfect way to both get feedback from your peers and to source inspiration for your next research project.

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