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Cancer Conferences Taking Place in 2024

Cancer research is one of the most fascinating and detrimental fields of study. Thanks to generations of scientists conducting extensive research in this area, cancer treatments have significantly improved over the last few decades. However, there is still a long road ahead to fully understanding how to effectively and decisively treat variations of this disease and what preventative practices minimize the chances of the disease spreading.

Anyone working in this field of study must regularly attend international cancer conferences. Knowledge in this discipline should not ever be siloed. It must be shared, applied, and transformed. Be it international cancer conferences or an event with a more narrow focus – e.g., a lung cancer conference – find one that best matches your requirements and register to attend.

If you recently completed a research project in the field, we encourage you to apply to present it at a lung cancer conference. This will allow you to gather feedback from fellow scientists, researchers, and medical professionals. Many events also offer publication opportunities, which will help you expand the reach of your research.

Our database features both in-person and virtual events. So whether you’d like to travel domestically/internationally or your schedule only allows you to join a virtual conference, don’t hesitate – register now. Most of the events that are still a few months away offer early bird discounts that you can take advantage of.

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