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Our popular Liquid Biopsies series returns for its fourth edition to bring together a slate of recognised experts who will explore how complex multi-modal liquid biopsy assays could be taken from the laboratory into clinical practice.

Topics to be covered include the implementation of liquid biopsy in clinical trials, the various applications for CTCs, the basic biology of biomarker discovery, new techniques enhancing liquid biopsy, the integration of multiple blood-based analytes for multi-modal biomarkers, and how artificial intelligence can be applied to the field.

This conference is suitable for a wide audience including translational scientists, researchers working in genetics, biology, molecular pathology, bioengineering, and data science, as well as clinical and non-clinical trainees, primary care physicians, radiologists, patient advocates, and colleagues from industry working in biotechnology, diagnostics, and pharmaceuticals.


Speakers: Nicola Aceto (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), Valsamo Anagnostou (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA), Johann De Bono (ICR, UK), Caroline Dive (CRUK Manchester Institute, UK), Joshua Edel (Imperial College London, UK), Ellen Heitzer (Medical University of Graz, Austria), An Hendrix (Ghent University, Belgium), Huiping Liu (Northwestern University, Chicago), Florent Mouliere (CRUK Manchester Institute, UK), Christina Saura Manich (Vall d’Hebron, Spain), Eleni Tomazou (St Anna CCRI, Austria), Alex Wyatt (Vancouver Prostate Centre, Canada) 

Keywords: liquid biopsy, cancer research, oncology, translational research, clinical trials, clinical practice, early detection of cancer, cancer screening techniques, multi-modal assays, treatment efficacy vs resistance, treatment toxicity, cell-free DNA, cfRNA, CTCs, extracellular vesicles, extracellular proteins, blood-based analytes, AI in cancer detection and screening 


Travel grant application deadline: 16 September 2024

Abstract submission deadline: 16 September 2024

Registration deadline: 14 October 2024

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