The 6th Global Conference on Education and Teaching (GLOBALET)

The 6th Global Conference on Education and Teaching (GLOBALET)
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The 6th Global conferences in education and Teaching is a premier education conference that offers its attendees three days of immersive cross-border learning and dynamic networking.
GLOBALET was a prestigious international event held in renowned cities like Vienna, Athens, Paris, and Amsterdam. These locations were chosen to reflect the conference’s global importance and attract a diverse audience.
Taking place in the stunning city of Nice, France, GlobalET 2024 also offers the option of attending the event virtually. Whether attendees participated in person or digitally, they experienced seamless engagement facilitated by advanced technology. This ensured that everyone, regardless of location, could fully engage in the conference’s offerings, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for idea exchange.

You will be delighted by the program put together by our scientific committee – leading academics from world-class institutions. GLOBALET transcended traditional academic gatherings, serving as a catalyst for transforming educational research. Through dynamic discussions, innovative presentations, and collaborative networking, it aimed to drive forward-thinking changes in education.

An outstanding feature of GLOBALET was its provision for past presenters to publish their full papers in prestigious journals. This not only showcased the event’s impact but also enhanced the dissemination of cutting-edge research. The opportunity to publish in esteemed journals underscored the event’s academic credibility and influence.

Here are important dates to bear in mind;
Abstract Submission Deadline: 04 October 2024
Full Paper Submission (Optional*): Around 3 weeks after the conference
Registration Deadline: 15 October 2024
Conference Dates: 25 – 27 October 2024



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