The 5th International Electronic Conference on Remote Sensing
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The 5th International Electronic Conference on Remote Sensing with a focus on “Advances in experimental and theoretical studies of terrestrial atmosphere and underlying surface” will be held on 7-21 November 2023. The main aim of the conference is to present recent advances in experimental and theoretical studies of atmosphere (trace gases, atmospheric aerosol, cloudiness, precipitation, temperature, and pressure) and underlying surface with a focus on cryosphere, which has nonlinear impacts on climate change trends and the warming of our planet. The conference will promote the use of remote sensing and geospatial information technology and make it possible to exchange innovative approaches in the area of remote sensing.This is an excellent opportunity for remote sensing scientists to communicate with their colleagues, learn from each other, and share ideas and results. It will be possible to deliver live and pre-recorded presentations simultaneously.
The main topics and sessions of the conference cover:S1. Remote sensing systems and techniquesS1-1. Ground-based, airborne, shipborne, and spaceborne remote sensing systemsS1-2. Hyperspectral remote sensingS1-3. Lidar remote sensingS1-4. Radar remote sensingS1-5. Passive remote sensingS2. Remote sensing: physical fundamentals and inverse theory S2-1. Electromagnetic light scatteringS2-2. Radiative transferS2-3. Inverse theoryS3. Remote sensing applicationsS3-1. Oceanic remote sensingS3-2. Vegetation remote sensingS3-3. Remote sensing of land use and land cover changeS3-4. Remote sensing of snow and iceS3-5. Remote sensing of precipitationS3-6. Aerosol remote sensingS3-7. Cloud remote sensingS3-8. Remote sensing of atmospheric trace gases
All accepted abstracts will be published on the website of the conference. You are required to submit an abstract (250–500-word limit). Please see the abstract guidelines at “Instructions for Authors”.
After the conference, there will be a possibility to submit selected papers to the related journal Remote Sensing (Impact Factor (2021), 5.349, 5-Year Impact Factor (2021): 5.786; Top Open Access Journal in Remote Sensing) with a 20% discount on the APCs.



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