Automotive thermal management system is related to vehicle reliability, safety, comfort and energy consumption level. Compared with ICEV, NEV thermal management system added cooling plate, battery chiller, electronic water pump, electronic expansion valve, PTC heater or heat pump system, and the value of core products increased from 2,230 CNY to about 6,410 CNY. It is predicted that the market size of China’s new energy vehicle thermal management system will exceed 50 billion CNY by 2025. The market of thermal management system is becoming a new blue ocean for new energy vehicles with huge development space.

The 3rd China NEV Thermal Management Innovation Summit 2022 will focus on the NEV Thermal Management under the target of “Emission Peak and Neutrality”, combine with best practice of vehicle TMS development, discuss on integrated thermal management, battery liquid cooling, direct cooling, CO2-based heat pump AC, future refrigerant, waste heat recovery and other hot topics, aim to provide new reference for NEV thermal management R&D and accelerate towards an electric car future.

Summit Time/ Address

April 14-15, 2022/Shanghai, China


The Current State and Trend of NEV Thermal Management Market

Development and Energy Consumption Optimization of NEV Thermal Management System

Embracing the Electrification Wave — How to Develop an Integrated and Intelligent Thermal Management System

Pressure and Temperature(P+T)Sensors for TMS Control and Monitoring

Thermal Management of Electrified Propulsion System for Low-Carbon Vehicles

The Road Map for HEV Thermal Management Development

Safety Design and Management Principles for Battery Thermal Runaway

Energy-saving Solution for Battery Direct Cooling in the Carbon Neutral Era

Immersion Cooling System for Faster Charging of Electric Cars


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