The 2nd The Kuala Lumpur International Conference in Business Management, Education & Social Sciences


Hello! Welcome to KLIC2024 – the premier platform where innovative ideas in business management, education, and social science converge! KLIC2024 has established itself as a pivotal event for academics, researchers, policymakers, and industry professionals seeking to connect, exchange ideas, and advance their fields. As we gather at this esteemed conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, experts from diverse backgrounds come together to showcase cutting-edge research, share perspectives, and explore novel concepts across various disciplines.

Under the theme “Interdisciplinary Dialogues: Advancing Business, Education, and Social Science,” KLIC2024 fosters vibrant discussions that transcend disciplinary boundaries. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to uncover synergies between different academic domains, creating an inclusive environment conducive to enriching educational discourse and fostering multidimensional studies.

We extend a cordial invitation for you to be an integral part of shaping the future of global education and societal development at KLIC2024. Your participation goes beyond mere attendance; it signifies your commitment to driving academic excellence and effecting positive change within our community. We eagerly anticipate your presence as we embark on this journey to inspire, transform, and redefine the landscape of education and social science together. See you at KLIC2024!



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