Dear Colleagues,

In celebration of its tenth anniversary, Bioengineering will host its first International Online Conference on 16-18 October 2024. It is my pleasure to announce and extend this open invitation for you to participate.

With a theme of Bioengineering in a Generative AI World, the conference will feature presentations from distinguished scholars at the nexus of engineering and clinics, engineering and food, engineering and industry, and innovations in bioengineering education. Our conference sessions will following the main sections of our journal with specific attention to

A. Biomedical Biomaterials;
B. Biomechanics and Sports Medicine;
C. Regenerative and Tissue Engineering;
D. Nano-Biotechnology;
E. Biosignal Processing;
F. Biochemical Engineering.

This conference, organized and hosted by MDPI Bioengineering, will bring together scientists, engineers, and practitioners from different areas to discuss the important recent developments in bioengineering, including bioengineered foods, allotransplantation, multi-omics, theragnostics and bioengineering convergence.

It will represent a great opportunity for the virtual meeting of the interdisciplinary community, aiming to discuss the important breakthroughs in fundamental science undergirding bioengineering, bioengineering technology, and its impact fields in food, industry, environment and animal and human health.

This conference will be a celebration of the contributions of Bioengineering and will feature three awards given for the Best Oral Presentation and Best Poster presented at the conference.

We look forward to your participation.



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