The Slovenian American Hybrid Academic Symposium, organized by the ASEF Institute, aims to bring together scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to explore innovative solutions to global challenges.

The SAHAS symposium will address topics such as the importance of comparative criminology and criminal justice studies for better security, the future of rural criminology and possibilities for USA-SI collaboration in academia and safety and security.

The symposium will feature guests such as Dr Marinka Žitnik (Harvard University, ASEF Director), Jeremy Jewett (Deputy Public Affairs officer, Embassy of the United States of America), Jamie L. Harpootlian (U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Slovenia), Dr Sanja Kutnik Ivkovich (Michigan State University) and Dr Gorazd Meško (University of Maribor).

Join us for an enriching experience and register here by April 8th, 2024.

Find out more about the program here.



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