The 9th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education seems to be a pivotal event, particularly in the context of the recent advancements and challenges in the educational sector. It’s promising to see how this conference plans to address the digital transformation in education, emphasizing e-learning, which has indeed become a critical component of modern education systems worldwide.

The conference’s focus on cross-cultural teaching and learning, along with exploring faster methods of information exchange, suggests a comprehensive approach to addressing the dynamic needs of global education. Given the diversity of participants from countries like South Africa, New Zealand, Greece, and many more, it’s likely to be a melting pot of ideas and innovations.

This could be a great platform for educators, researchers, and policymakers to share insights, learn from international best practices, and collaborate on developing strategies that enhance educational outcomes across different cultural contexts. The emphasis on making the event “bigger and better” hints at an ambitious agenda, possibly including more interactive sessions, workshops, and panels that could benefit participants in tangible ways.

It’s important to mark these key dates for the 9th International Conference on Research in Teaching and Education in your calendar to ensure you don’t miss out on the registration and paper submission opportunities:

  1. Early Bird Registration Deadline: 12 June 2024

    • Registering by this date typically offers the advantage of a reduced fee and early access to conference materials and scheduling.
  2. Early Registration Deadline: 12 August 2024

    • This deadline follows the early bird and may still offer a reduced registration fee compared to the late registration, though usually higher than the early bird rate.
  3. Paper Submission Deadline: 01 November 2024

    • If you plan to present a paper at the conference, ensure it is submitted by this date. This is crucial for academic contributors who want their work to be considered for presentation.
  4. Late Registration Deadline: 12 November 2024

    • The final date to register for the conference. After this, registration may still be possible but often comes with additional fees and fewer options.

Keeping these dates in mind will help you plan effectively and maximize your experience at the conference.



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