3D Printing or Additive Manufacturing is the procedure of creating three dimensional solid substances from a digital file. The formation of a 3D printed object is attained using additive processes. In an additive procedure an object is shaped by laying down successive layers of material up to the object is created.

3D Printing allows easy fabrication of multifaceted shapes, many of which cannot be shaped by any other manufacturing method. The additive nature of the expertise means that geometric complication does not come at a higher price.

We Coalesce Research Group provide an amazing chance to communicate with world-class scientists, Astronauts and experts at 9th European Congress 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing during October 07-08, 2024 at London, UK.

The 2-Day conference with the theme of “Infinite Possibilities: Exploring the Boundaries of 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing” will bring scientists, researchers and students together at 3D Printing Conference from all over the world.



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