The 8th round of the Social Sciences Conference! That indicates a longstanding tradition of scholarly exchange and collaboration. It’s remarkable to see how the conference has evolved over the years, continually fostering intellectual discourse and pushing the boundaries of knowledge within the social sciences, humanities, language, and literature. As the conference enters its 8th iteration, one can expect a rich tapestry of presentations, discussions, and insights from seasoned veterans and emerging scholars alike. Each round likely builds upon the successes and learnings of the previous ones, further solidifying the conference’s reputation as a premier platform for academic exchange.


The opportunity to have abstracts published in the Conference Abstract Book with an ISBN number ensures that their research will be documented and accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, the prospect of having full papers published in reputable international journals, including those indexed in SCOPUS, Web of Science, and DOAJ, provides scholars with valuable avenues for disseminating their findings and enhancing their academic profiles.

Overall, these publication opportunities not only recognize the scholarly contributions of conference participants but also facilitate knowledge dissemination and collaboration within the broader academic community. It underscores the commitment of the conference organizers to advancing research and promoting excellence in the fields of social sciences, humanities, language, and literature.



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