The 8th International Academic Conference on Management and Economics, scheduled for August 23-25, 2024, in Oxford, sounds like an exceptional opportunity for anyone in the academic or professional fields of management and economics. Here’s a quick breakdown of what this event offers:

  1. Diverse Learning Experiences: The conference will cover the latest trends and theories in management and economics, providing a rich environment for learning and intellectual exchange.

  2. Presentation Opportunities: Attendees will have the chance to present their own work, gaining valuable feedback and enhancing their presentation skills.

  3. Publication Opportunities: Papers presented at the conference may be published in prestigious international journals like SCOPUS and Web of Science, helping scholars to boost their academic profiles.

  4. Networking: The event promises to be a gathering of academics, scholars, and industry leaders, offering unparalleled opportunities for networking and career development.

  5. Special Inclusions: Every paper gets a place in the Conference Abstract Book with an ISBN Number, and there’s potential for further publication in international journals or book chapters.

  6. Cultural Experience: The conference includes a free guided tour of Oxford, adding a cultural layer to the academic event.

This conference could be a significant step for anyone looking to advance their career in management and economics, providing both academic enrichment and professional development opportunities. If you’re planning to attend, it could be beneficial to prepare your research for presentation and consider the potential for publication.



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