The 7th International Hybrid Conference on Nursing & Healthcare will be held on February 17-18, 2025. Aver Nursing offers an opportunity to interact with researchers in the field of Nursing and healthcare, making the congress a perfect platform to share experiences, foster collaborations across industry & academia, and share emerging scientific updates across the globe. The initiation of cross-border cooperation between scientists and institutions will also be facilitated.

Scientific Sessions:

Midwifery & Women Health Nursing

Bio behavioral Nursing & Health Informatics

Hospice Nursing

Clinical Nursing

Oncology Nursing And Breast Cancer

Psych/Mental Health

Medical Surgical Nursing

Nursing Care Research

Pediatric Nursing Care

Community Nursing

Neonatal Nursing Care

Women Health Nursing Care

Gynecology and Obstetrics Nursing Care

Cardiovascular Nursing Care

Surgical Nursing Care

Dermatology Nursing

Oral Care & Dental Care Nursing

Genetic Nursing

Nursing Leadership And Management

Veterinary Nursing Care

Tele Nursing & Travel Nursing

Nurse Practitioner

Nursing Education & Research

Clinical, Critical Care & Emergency Nursing

Rural And Remote Area Nursing

Nursing Research: Scope & Purpose

Public Health & Community Health Nursing

Otorhinolaryngology And Opthalmic Nursing

Healthcare And Nursing Management

Neonatal Nursing Care



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