◆Topics (Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:)

Track 1: Virtual Reality Applications

▪ Educational and training simulations

▪ Medical and healthcare applications

▪ Entertainment and gaming


Track 2: Virtual Reality Technologies

▪ Virtual reality hardware and software

▪ Augmented reality and mixed reality

▪ Immersive technologies (e.g. haptics, sound, smell)


Track 3: Human-Computer Interaction in Virtual Reality

▪ User interfaces and interaction techniques

▪ Usability and user experience in virtual reality

▪ Social and emotional aspects of virtual reality


Track 4: Virtual Reality in Industry and Engineering

▪ Virtual prototyping and product design

▪ Virtual assembly and maintenance

▪ Virtual training for manufacturing and industry


Track 5: Virtual Reality and Education

▪ Virtual reality in primary and secondary education

▪ Virtual reality in higher education and research

▪ Distance learning and virtual classrooms


Track 6: Virtual Reality and Health

▪ Virtual reality for mental health treatment

▪ Virtual reality for physical therapy and rehabilitation

▪ Virtual reality for pain management

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◆Submission Instructions

– English is the official language. Paper should be written and presented only in English.

– If you want to make a presentation and publish your paper, submit a full paper (no less than 4 full pages in two columns); just want to make a presentation, abstract (200-400 words) is enough.

– If the length of the full paper exceeds 5 pages in two columns, the cost of each extra page is 60 USD/400 RMB/page.

– Submission

1) By online submission system:

2) By Email:

3) Template: Please format your paper according to the template ( before submission.


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