We are delighted to announce the 7th International Conference on Business, Management, and Finance, set to take place in the historic city of Cambridge, United Kingdom. This prestigious event will bring together scholars, researchers, and practitioners from around the globe to explore cutting-edge developments and innovations in the fields of business, management, and finance. Attendees can look forward to engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and valuable networking opportunities in the heart of one of the world’s leading academic and cultural centers. Join us in Cambridge for an enriching conference experience that promises to advance knowledge, foster collaboration, and inspire new insights in the dynamic realms of business, management, and finance.

We are pleased to announce that all accepted papers for the upcoming 7th International Conference on Business, Management, and Finance will be published in the Conference Proceedings, ensuring their lasting impact and accessibility within the academic community. This publication avenue offers numerous benefits to authors, including a rigorous double-blind review process for full paper submissions, guaranteeing the quality and credibility of the research presented. Once accepted, papers will be published electronically with a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) from Crossref, providing a unique and permanent identifier for each contribution. Furthermore, the proceedings will be submitted to Google Scholar for indexing, enhancing their visibility and reach to a broader audience. Rest assured, your work will receive the recognition it deserves as all accepted papers will be featured in the Conference Proceedings with an ISBN Number, solidifying their place in scholarly discourse. Join us in Cambridge for an enriching conference experience and seize the opportunity to showcase your research on a global platform.

In addition to the enriching academic program, participants of the 7th International Conference on Business, Management, and Finance in Cambridge, United Kingdom, will have the chance to embark on a complimentary one-day city tour. This excursion promises to unveil the rich cultural and intellectual heritage of Cambridge, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the captivating ambiance of this esteemed academic hub. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, explore the storied streets and picturesque landscapes that have inspired generations of scholars and visionaries. This city tour offers a welcome respite from the conference proceedings, providing an opportunity to rejuvenate the mind and nourish the soul amidst the timeless allure of Cambridge. Join us for an unforgettable journey of discovery and exploration in one of the world’s most renowned cities.



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