Scientific Meditech invite all participants from all over the world to attend “6th International Conference on Food Science and Nutrition” scheduled on July 05-06, 2024 at Paris | France.

Across the theme: Recent Advances and Future Prospects Focusing on Discoveries in Food Science and Technology.

Which includes keynote presentations, Oral talks, Poster presentations and Exhibitions? The theme of the conference “Recent Advances and Future Prospects Focusing on Discoveries in Food Science and Technology.” which brings upon a new platform to share and discuss their research and critical reviews and converse about the newest research and novelties in the arena of Food Science Conference, Food Chemistry Conference, Nutrition Healthcare Conference and Fitness, Diet, Diabetes and Obesity.

Target Audience:

Food Science Experts, Health and Food Researches, Natural Medicine Researchers, Alternative Medicine Specialists, Healthcare Professionals, Experts from Hospitals, Food Experts from food industries, Directors and Professors from Universities and Institutions, Nutritionists and Dietitians, Clinical Researchers, Food scientists, Food Chemist, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Biologist, Food engineers, Food safety officers, Quality control officers etc..

Sessions/ Tracks :

Track 1: Nutrition

Track 2:  Food Science

Track 3:  Food Chemistry

Track 4:  Food Nutritional Science

Track 5:  Pediatric Food & Nutrition

Track 6:  Food Biotechnology

Track 7:  Food Processing & Food Adulteration

Track 8:  Nutrition and Food Safety

Track 9:  Food Toxicology & Policy

Track 10: Foodomics & Nutrigenomics

Track 11:  Sports & Nutrition

Track 12:  Lactating Nutrition in breasting feeding

Track 13:  Public Health Nutrition

Track 14:  Food Security

Track 15:  Food Innovation

Track 16:  Mental health and mental disorder

Track 17:  Eating Disorder

Track 18:  Diet and Obesity

Track 19:  Natural & Artificial food additives

Track 20: COVID-19 Risks to Global Food Security and Sustainability

Track 21: Animal Nutrition

Track 22: Agronomy / Agriculture


Thanks, and regards,

Rose Watson | Program Manager

61 Bridge Street Kington HR53DJ, UK

Phone No: +44-7451204058




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